Machine tap, uncoated, Rc: 1/4-19

138120 1/4-19

Machine tap, uncoated, Rc: 1/4-19
Machine tap, uncoated, Rc: 1/4-19

Version: The short shank overhangs less and hence is more stable. - Application: For use as machine tap or for cleaning existing threads by hand. Tapered Whitworth pipe thread (BSPT) to ISO 7/1 and BS21, for joints with sealant in the thread. See the table for the specified minimum size of the tapping hole. - Recommendation: Tapping hole ⌀ A: Pre-drill a plain hole without using a reamer. Variant A can be used if there is no risk of sealing problems. Tapping hole ⌀ B: Pre-drill a plain hole and then ream it using a 1:16 taper reamer (see No. 162650). The taper bore ⌀ can then be checked laterally by reference to the Dmax check dimension (see table). Variant B for drilling the tapping hole offers the best process reliability for the tapping operation and at the same time ensures the most reliable seal in the thread. - Thread type: Rc - Flank angle: 55 degrees - Tool material: HSS E - Norm: DIN 2181 - Thread standard: DIN EN 10226-2 - Taper lead form: C - Threads per inch: 19 - Overall length L tot : 63 mm - Shank ⌀: 11 mm - Shank square: 9 mm - Tapping hole ⌀ A: 10.85 mm - Tapping hole ⌀ B: 10.75 mm

97,000x20,000x17,000 mm
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Machine tap, uncoated, Rc: 1/4-19
Machine tap, uncoated, Rc: 1/4-19